Compelling Leading

"What creates compelling leadership?"
"What's different about the leader when people can't help but follow?"
"What are the common attributes - characteristics?"

Program Summary

The Compelling Leading 360 Success Program is made up of three core services, but delivered in a very individualised way that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go:

Mindset Coaching with Deb Maes

Coaching is delivered to you directly, as well as your team. This can occur at times when you will learn something that you would like to also share with those around you.

Specific team training can be requested. All sessions with individuals or group in your team are provided as part of your program. Some specific sessions are suggested such as Values and Goal Alignment Strategy.

Deb’s coaching is by no means formulaic. Deb provides a ‘clean’ space, free of agenda, a confidential space where clarity emerges. Each session is guided by what is presented and what is current. However, throughout the program the 5 Nectars of Compelling Leading are the underpinning guiding principles.

Often a tool or tip will be offered that will take you to your next level. Always we set the direction for the month and week, with clear goals and actions.

deb maes
Masters in Communication
Grad Dip Psychology Grad Dip Applied Psychology
Grad Dip Counselling
NLP Master Trainer
Team Coaching Foundations
University Associate
3+ decades in Coaching
1000s of sessions
Diverse leaders
Developers of Compelling Leading Learning Materials and Program Rerources

Resources and Materials

Tools, tips and resources, in the form of individualised audios, videos and articles will be created and provided from what emerges from your sessions. These are all short, to the point and related to the ‘5 Nectars’. These resources can also be shared with your team, through you, in a coaching session or a group setting.

Using your email or text contact, we can develop and strengthen communication and influence skills, with real time applicability.

Expert Advice - Our Global Consultants

dr gene early


Partner, Leader's Quest Virginia

- Published Author
- Founded Genomic Health Inc.
- Climate Change Quest Leader

tristan soames


NLP Master Trainer & Coach
- Published Author
- Neurobehaviour Modeller
- International Facilitator
sukhy bains


Leadership Coach

- Associate Certified Trainer
- Executive Coach Trainer
- International Facilitator

eleni pallas


Founder Leaders for Good

- Published Author
- Human Centric Leadership Consultant
- Executive and Leadership Coach

Dr Peter Thompson


Learning and Development Consultant

- Instructional Design Expert
- NLP Master Trainer
- Founder of INLPTA

Dr Joel Porter


Senior Clinical Lecturer, University Otago

- Motivational Interviewing Consultant
- Clinical Psychologist
- International Facilitator

Models of Excellence

“What is modelled matters most”.
Who you sit your mirror neurons in front of will have a big impact on you absorbing the unconscious patterns required to produce the outcome you want. It is how we learned to walk and talk. For this reason you will be surrounded by Models of Excellence - persons who are walking your talk. In addition to mindset models, an industry specific exemplar is someone who has achieved a level of success that you aspire to in your own industry. You can nominate your preferred mentor and they will be invited to participate in this program.

Depending on the level of the program you select, either monthly or quarterly you will be working directly with world-class role models; people who embody an exceptional level of excellence, or mastery, in the specific areas you wish to develop. These are some examples of the types of mastery that can be modelled:

MoE-masterful influence

Creating result from the inside-out

MoE Growth and Systems

Creating structure to support expansion

MoE Exponential results

Operating in abundance and limitless thinking

MoE reauthoring life

Redefining what is possible by changing the script

MoE industry specific exemplar

An exemplar to match your specific industry can be identified and engaged on your behalf.

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