Compelling Leading

"What creates compelling leadership?"
"What's different about the leader when people can't help but follow?"
"What are the common attributes - characteristics?"

The Solution

Despite the huge challenges leaders face, you may have noticed that some leaders attract people to them and their vision, like nectar to bees. We call this the ‘Nectar Phenomenon’ and these leaders ‘Compelling’.

As a global group of experts in leadership and human behaviour, we sought to understand and distill what these effective leaders are doing when they are not only creating great results, but are mobilising people with enthusiasm... when people can’t help but want to get on board with that leader’s vision.

After an intensive global modelling project, comparing and contrasting other models of leading (including Authoritarian and Positional Leaders) with these ‘Compelling Leaders’, five common characteristics emerged.

These characteristics correlate with some of the latest discoveries of Neuroscience and fields of Cognitive and Applied Psychology.

The Nectar Phenomenon

Based on these discoveries, we have developed an individualised program for leaders and their teams. It covers these five common characteristics - the five very attractive varieties of nectar - which all compelling leaders have in common, and brings together decades of experience, current knowledge in various fields of human exploration.

Leadership mastery is achieved through a combination of one-to-one coaching, models of excellence with masters in their area of expertise and an individualised learning program, all of which is provided in this program.

Here we present “what” these leaders do, but the program supports the development or further mastery of these characteristics. It is much more than simply the “know-how” - which could be read in any of the many books on leadership - this is the “how-to” of applying these core skills.

"No matter what the current level of leadership experience and skill, the “5 Nectars” is a comprehensive model that can take a leader to the next level in effectiveness."

the nectar phenomenon

The 5 Nectars - Outcomes

Self-Mastery - Mental and Emotional Control

Clearly great leaders are able to ‘keep their head’, ‘remain cool, calm and  collected’ (as the expression goes.) It’s not what you do, but HOW that has  the greatest impact and the HOW flows from the state of mind and the  energy of the person.

Lead with Vision – Direction

Compelling Leaders allow the ‘Vision’ to lead – not the person. Often they don’t even consider themselves a Leader, as they are outwardly oriented towards what fulfilling this vision means for the greater good.

Present with Certainty - Clarity

Compelling leaders speak and present with certainty. This doesn’t mean always being sure about the result or even the path to achieving the result. It’s an absolute conviction that the way is forward and a way can be forged.  When leaders present decisively with certainty, they evoke clarity.

Develop Trust – Candid

They develop trust by speaking the truth and being candid. People know  where they stand with this leader. This requires balancing a willingness to share vulnerably, while remaining dependable and strong. 

Creating Connection - Respectful

Especially attractive in these leaders is their deep respect for all people and perspectives. This is much more than just being polite; at an embodied level, they honour and value each person's point of view. They deeply believe that there is  something to learn from everyone and that we must and can work together.

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